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How to clean bricks

Beautiful masonry is occasionally marred by improper
cleaning, which can be avoided. The purpose of cleaning
new masonry is to remove excess mortar from the face of
the brick. The sooner the brickwork is cleaned after
installation, the easier it is to remove the mortar smears.
The easiest cleaning is accomplished shortly after laying,
usually the same day, by wiping off the excess mortar using
a bristle brush. The second easiest method is to wash down
the wall the same or following day with only water and a
brush. The third approach is to use chemical cleaners. The
chemicals typically contain some form of acid for softening
the mortar. These chemicals, while softening the mortar
smears, can discolor the mortar and the brick and bring
salts to the surface if improperly used. Hanson Brick
recommends using Prosoco* or other professional/
proprietary cleaning products.

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